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Round Canopy parachuting team - usa

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WWII Air, Sea and Land Festival 2020

  • 8 Oct 2020
  • 17:00
  • 11 Oct 2020
  • 17:00
  • Lakefront Airport New Orleans
  • 5


  • This position is for RCPT-USA qualified DZSO only. If you are not qualified as an RCPT-USA DZSO do not register for this position. Registered personnel will not be jumping while performing DZSO duties.
  • Jumper must have minimum of 35 round canopy jumps. Due to interest not all jumpers necessarily will jump each jump. We may rotate jumpers daily to to maximize this opportunity for members. Jumpers must be current jumpers with RCPT-USA and must have a Round Canopy Jump within 90 days of 11 October 2020. Must wear M42/43 WWII uniform, Boots, and Helmet. Jumpers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the event.
  • Jumpmasters may be tasked to perform Safety and or Ground Support Activities. If you are a jumpmaster and the jumpmaster positions are filled ensure you register as a jumper and you may still be placed in the jumpmaster rotation. This registration is for minimum members needed.
  • For personnel to manage sales of merchandising, local runs for supplies, food / water as needed. Transportation for jumpers as needed.
  • This is for RCPT-USA recognized riggers only for support of all jump operations. Chute inspection and packing as well as performing duties as malfunctions officer.

6/14/20-  This event has been cancelled due to COVID 19 impacts

RCPT-USA will support the National WWII museum's WWII Air, Sea, and Land Festival at Lakefront Airport in New Orleans from October 9 through October 11, 2020. 

Jumpers must be current RCPT-USA members with 35 round canopy jumps with the last jump being not more than 90 days prior to 11 October.  Jumpers must wear WWII era uniforms (M42's/M43's), boots, and helmets for jumps.  All jumpers and support personnel must commit to the entire event.  If you register you are expected to support the event until the event ENDEX.

RCPT has committed to have 10 jumpers and 6 support personnel.  Depending on interest we may rotate jumpers and ground personnel to ensure opportunities to jump for all airborne qualified RCPT-USA member.

WWII Air, Sea & Land Festival


The National WWII Museum, the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, and the Commemorative Air Force extend a sincere thank you to the sponsors and patrons who supported the 2018 WWII Air, Sea & Land Festival at New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

We had a beautiful weekend with fantastic weather, and more importantly a safe and fun show. The event drew more than 16,000 attendees—including 3,800 schoolchildren on Free Student Friday.

Great response! The event is full. Please understand that airshows are more than just opportunities to jump. They are controlled by the FAA and present specific and sometimes difficult challenges. If you are new to the team (essentially an unknown jumper to us) you may be restricted in your ability participate. ALL jumpers wishing to participate must receive a stamp of approval from RCPT-USA Safety and Training and Jumpmaster team. Furthermore, we will try and get as many qualified jumpers in the air as possible. This means that not all jumpers will jump every day. We ill try and work this out so you know exactly what the manifest is so you can plan accordingly. Please register on the wait list and we will fill openings for this event from this list first. Finally, we only have limited team hotel space but Dave Krasner is local and would be able to house over-flow members not able to stay at the hotel. 

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